Sep 28, 2020

Keells slammed over adding change to NEXUS

Ranjith Vithanage - chairman of the National Movement for Consumer Rights Protection, said he had received a host of complaints from customers over their change continuously being added to their NEXUS account at Keells supermarket outlets.

Since NEXUS is not a bank account, the company has no right to make such deposits, he points out adding that if such deposits are made, interest must be paid, and that there is a legal procedure for depositing money and paying interest.

neSpeaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', Mr. Vithanage said that he had urged the chairman of the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) to initiate a proper investigation in this regard.

Meanwhile, the Chairman of the All Island Restaurant Owners' Association (AIROA), Asela Sampath had also broached this topic at a recent media briefing.

He said the Keells supermarket chain had about 500 branches and millions could be acquired just from the amounts added to the NEXUS card. 

Protests in front of Keells

Meanwhile, it is reported that a series of protests are being planned by a collective of civil society organizations regarding the adding of customer change to the NEXUS card as well as rice related issues at Keells.

The protests are to be held districtwise, with placards raised in front of Keells outlets. It is said that the initial step of these protests are to be held this week.

We have also received information regarding an incident of selling weevil infested rice at a Keells outlet and will reveal the details soon.