Sep 30, 2020

Paper Corporation owes Salu Sala over Rs. 6.5m! Featured

The National Paper Corporation owes local handloom enterprise - Salusala Rs. 6.5 million, a union alleges.

Daya Hemantha Silva, President of the union to protect Salu Sala says that the National Paper Corporation owes Salu Sala a total of 6,590,323 which includes rent arrears as well as electricity and water charges.

The National Paper Corporation has been renting a building owned by Salu Sala from 2008 - 2018 and the pending rent, electricity and water charges are for this period.

Although the payments had been settled properly at first, former acting accountant of the National Paper Corporation - Kapila Liyanage had informed authorities during a discussion on Aug. 19, 2019 that this need not be paid.

Noting that the process was very unfair, Mr. Silva urges relevant authorities to take prompt action.