Oct 12, 2020

'Ali Express' misleads over Sri Lankan rupee coin

China based 'Ali Express' online retail service, owned by Jack Ma's Alibaba group, seems to have misled consumers over a description of a one rupee coin.

AliExpress 002The product is described with phrases such as ''Sri Lanka 1 rupee Asia coins Old Original infrequent Coin Commemorative Edition 100% Real Random Year" on the site.

The price is stated at US $0.42 (roughly LKR 77) and with a $5.79 shipping fee to the US. However, it also has a 90-day buyer protection money back guarantee as well as a free return policy.

According to the site, there are around 90 more coins in stock.

However, the one rupee coin displayed on the site, is neither rare, old nor a commemorative coin. It is a coin released by the Treasury in the year of 2011 and is still in circulation.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the Central Bank of Sri Lanka (CBSL) has not issued a one rupee commemorative coin in 2011.

Speaking to us, an official from the CBSL states that the last time one rupee commemorative coin was issued was in 2001, to mark the 50th anniversary of the Sri Lankan Air Force.

He also noted that after 1987, the national emblem was not stamped to cover one whole side of a commemorative coin.

Commemorative Coins Issued by the Central Bank of Sri Lanka.
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