Oct 15, 2020

Mask or gauze inside Maliban biscuit ? Attempt to buyoff customer 

Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt) Limited has tried to cover up the discovery of a piece of gauze inside a biscuit in a Maliban Milk Shortcake biscuit packet by paying Rs. 15,000 to the customer, Sri Lanka Mirror learns.

Ranjith Vithanage, President of the Consumer Rights Protection Organization uploading photographs of the biscuit on his Facebook page had revealed this and Sri Lanka Mirror had previously reported the news in this regard.

When we inquired regarding the matter from Ranjith Vithanage, he said that he requested an official of the company to collect the relevant batch of biscuit packets from the market and destroy it.However as he did not receive a favourable response, he will lodge a complaint with Consumer Affairs Authority tomorrow (Oct 16), he said.

He further stated that a complaint will be lodged regarding this matter tomorrow , the World Food Day , as well as regarding Government Standards Institution granting clearance for a stock of salmon which is unfit for consumption.

He further said that the customer who found the piece of gauze inside a biscuit will also visit the Consumer Affairs Authority tomorrow.

It was reported that a group of  officials from Maliban Biscuit had come to the person who had bought the relevant packet of biscuits and had tried to retrieve the packet and hand over a parcel of biscuits.

It is reported that the company has admitted that what was found inside the biscuit is a piece of face mask.

Sri Lanka Mirror team also made a phone call to Maliban Biscuit Company to inquire in this regard and the telephone operator hung up the phone saying that he would call again to provide details regarding the incident.

Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt) Limited was established in 1954.

In addition to biscuits, the company also produces tea, milk powder and nutritional supplements.

Ratnapala Samaraweera is the Chairman of the company.

Kumudika Fernando is the CEO and Tharangitha Samaraweera and Shanaka Wickramapala are the directors of the company.