Oct 17, 2020

Coconuts to be measured by weight instead of circumference?

It is reported that instead of fixing the price according to the circumference of the coconut, the government is focusing on a method of determining the price according to its weight.

P. Edirimanne Director Processing Development of Coconut Development Authority has told the media that discussions are underway to formulate criteria for a method of determining the price according to the weight of the coconut .

He is of the opinion that determining the price of coconut in this manner does justice to the planter, the trader and the middleman as well as the consumer.

Already, factories in Hambantota, Matara and Embilipitiya are buying coconuts by weight.

The Director says that determining the price of a coconut by weight is an old system in our country. He claims that this system can successfully control prices.

Meanwhile, it is reported that the Consumer Affairs Authority is not aware of a method of fixing the price of coconut based on its weight. 

A spokesman for the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) said that if such a system is introduced, the decision should be taken and  gazetted by the CAA, however no such decision has been taken so far.