Nov 10, 2020

Allianz Insurance evades paying insurance compensation! Featured

Consumers of Allianz Insurance allege that the company has been evading payments of insurance compensation.

The most recent incident had come to light after a video of an angry customer arguing with Allianz Insurance of the Ratnapura branch, made rounds on social media.

The video had led to a dialogue on social media that the company seems to be reluctant to pay compensations amounting to over Rs. 50,000.

After looking into details behind the Rathnapura incident, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that the customer had indeed faced injustice.

The incident had spurred over an insurance coverage obtained for a Toyota Aqua car (SP CAD 8916) owned by a lady doctor.

The car had been briefly lended to one of her husband's friends on Oct. 04. However, when the friend was returning in the wee hours of Oct. 05 after completing his task, the car had skidded off the road in the Pathakada area of Pelmadulla.

Allianz Insurance had been immediately informed of the accident and the Pelmadulla Police had conducted the investigation.

(Below are some photos taken at the time of the accident.)

The police had confirmed that the accident had taken place due to skidding and the vehicle was taken to a garage named Nandana Motors' garage in Hidella for repairs which had cost Rs. 95,000.

Although according to the insurance policy, this entire sum should be covered by the insurance. However,  Allianz Insurance had been coming up with various reasons not to do so.

Eventually, they had refused to pay the compensation and had informed their client in writing. The aforementioned incident at the Allianz Insurance Rathnapura bank had taken place after the lady doctor's husband had arrived at the office, inquiring as to why the compensation was not paid.

Insurance broker

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that leasing facilities were provided for the relevant car at the NDB Bank's Matara branch while the insurance was done through a brokerage firm of Allianz Insurance called "Insure Me".

The insurance for the Toyota Aqua car was obtained from Allianz Insurance in 2019 with a premium of nearly Rs. 75,000 and Rs. 87,000 has been paid for 2019 and 2020 respectively.