Nov 18, 2020

3 arrested for looting Rs. 5m worth goods from Sathosa

Three persons have been arrested for fraudulently selling a consignment of goods Sathosa.

The goods, amounting to Rs. 05 million, were loaded into a lorry from the Boossa Sathosa warehouse on Nov. 12 in order to be delivered to 04 CWE outlets in Colombo.

Instead, they were sold off to a privately owned shop in Wennappuwa.

The driver and his assistant were arrested yesterday (17) while hiding in the Padaviya area in Anuradhapura.  Their lorry was found abandoned in the Orugodawatta area.

Meanwhile, the shopkeeper of Wennappuwa too was arrested and a portion of goods sold to him was seized.

Rathgama Police are conducting further investigations.