Dec 06, 2020

Sachet ban : Company offers Rs. 25m to minister for grace period

It is reported that a private company has informed the Minister of Environment - Mahinda Amaraweera of their readiness to pay Rs. 25 million or more if a six month grace period is granted with regard to the ban on sachets containing products such as shampoo and gel.

Representatives of this company have stated that a sum of Rs. 25 million or more will be provided for the use of the minister or for the work of the ministry.

However, the ministry had flatly refused, stating that the government's decision will not be changed.

Many private companies have requested the minister to grant a grace period before the ban comes into effect.

The Ministry of Environment has already announced that sales of single use plastic sachets would be banned from Jan. 01, 2021, after considering the environmental damage such packaging is capable of causing.

The ministry is also considering to ban sachet packets used to package drugs, food items and milk powder by mid 2021.

(Source - Aruna)