Dec 08, 2020

Harin's cousin sent on compulsory leave from Mobitel

CEO of SLT Mobitel Ltd. - Nalin Perera has been sent on compulsory leave whilst Senior General Manager Legal and Regulatory Namal Ratnayake too has been subject to the same pending an inquiry.

Company sources alleged that the inquiry is in connection with the rental of a building in Colombo-3 to be used as office space for Mobitel.

Current Senior General Manager - Chandika Vitharana has been appointed as the Acting CEO of SLT Mobitel Ltd.

Mr. Perera, who is said to be a cousin of SJB MP - Harin Fernando, was appointed to the position in 2017 April.

SLT bosses in hot water too! 

Meanwhile, the Auditor General has sent a letter to SLT Chairman Rohan Fernando on February 06, 2020 requesting an opportunity to conduct an audit over corruption and fraud allegedly committed by top officials of the SLT.

The Auditor General has sent this letter in response to a directive of the COPE committee, which had been receiving such complaints from SLT Trade Unions over a prolonged time.
However, the letter had mysteriously gone missing.

The Auditor General has initial sought to opinion of the Attorney General to ascertain whether he had the authority to audit Telecom and Mobitel. After receiving the green light of the Attorney General, the Auditor General has forwarded the relevant letter to Telecom Chairman Rohan Fernando.

In accordance with Article 154 (1) of the Constitution, authorities have the right to audit Sri Lanka Telecom PLC and its subsidiaries as the majority of shares are state owned.

The following are some of the letters sent by several trade unions of the SLT, urging authorities to conduct inquiries into irregularities and corruption at SLT.

The letter sent to the Auditor General by the Telecommunication Engineers Union

The letter sent to the Audit Service Commission

The letter sent to the SLT Chairma, CEO and the Labour Commissioner