Mar 01, 2017

Union Assurance leads dengue prevention pilot project

Dengue is widely spreading across the country and the authorities are continuously putting their effort to combat and control the situation. As a responsible organisation Union Assurance is leading the efforts to come up with an effective and efficient plan that will control the spread of the disease across the island.

Together with the Public health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council UA has launched a pilot project on dengue control. This is the first time such an initiative was embarked upon in Sri Lanka.

The first initiative under this programme took place on the 5thof February 2017 in Kirulapana centred on the Siddharthapura Housing Scheme. This programme was activated with both long-term and short-term goals in mind under the guidance of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council. The main goal of this programme is to increase awareness and instil a more robust knowledge base amongst both children and adults living in this locality.

One of the key activities that took place through this programme was the division of the Siddharthapura locality in to 5 key zones, and the establishment of children’s councils in each of these zones. The children who are part of these councils will take a leadership role in changing attitudes and behaviours that will eventually lead up to the eradication of the dengue disease.

Each of the zones will have the opportunity to win awards and prizes based on the performance of each of the zones. Additionally for schoolchildren aged between 5 and 18 years, art competition, speech competitions, drama competitions and quizzes will be conducted and awards will be handed out to the top performers.

At the same time, another locality approximately 1-2 km from Siddharthapura will be selected for the implementation of a more regular dengue eradication programme. At the end of a yearlong series of interventions, the progress of the two localities will be compared and successes will be evaluated. District (04) Health officer and staff, community organizers, leaders of Children’s committees, leaders of Women’s Cooperative Societies, Chief of the district offices, and Kirulapone environmental police, Chief Health Education officers, Representatives from Union Assurance, and officers form Public Health Organization will be represented in the steering committee in charge of this programme.

Expressing his views on the programme, Mr. Dharshana Amarasinghe General Manager (Marketing& Distribution) stated, “Since long period of time Union Assurance has been providing support for Dengue eradication programmes led by governmental organizations as well as other parties. We see this as our responsibility as an organization that works with and for the community. We are committed to the betterment of our communities. We look forward to lending our resources and leadership to programmes such as this in the future.”

“It is extremely important to implement dengue eradication activities while at the same time working towards changing attitudes and behaviours that would make communities safer. With such as orderly and organized programme, we will glean invaluable insights that will help us fight this epidemic in the future. I am extremely grateful to Union Assurance for helping make such a programme, that will bring such value to the people of this country, possible. I am certain that we will continue to receive such strong support form the Company in the future,” added Chief Medical Officer of the Public Health Department of the Colombo Municipal Council, DR.R.L. De S. Wijeyamuni.