Jan 08, 2021

Softlogic Life denies compensation to a victim who lost a leg! Featured

A person who lost a leg in a train accident has lodged a complaint with the Kurunegala Police alleging that Softlogic Life had not paid insurance compensation.

The complaint has been lodged by Indika Neil Wijeratne, who had even launched a protest in front of the Odel building in the Kurunegala - Negombo road on Jan. 04. The incident also attracted the attention of social media.

Softlogic Life Insurance Company has issued a statement in this regard on Jan. 05 regarding this incident. The statement notes that the said matter and circumstances relating to the incident had been closely investigated by the company in arriving at their decision. 'As a responsible Life Insurance Company all material facts are taken into account in processing our claims with customer equity being paramount,' it adds.

Upon contacting the 35-year old man who was involved in the accident, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that he had not been paid the permanent partial disability benefit he should receive from the insurance policy obtained from Softlogic Life Insurance.

He also referred us to the letter sent to him by the relevant insurance company.

According to the letter, the main reason for refusing him the insurance was him failing to disclose that he had obtained another insurance policy from elsewhere.

The letter sent to Mr. Indika is shown below.

False picture

However, Mr. Indika told us that he had obtained a compensation of Rs. 10 million from the other insurance company. Mr. Wijeratne points out that according to the insurance he has obtained from Softlogic Life, he should receive Rs. 7.5 million.

He also said that Softlogic Life was trying to portray a false picture by claiming he was a mere lumberjack unable to pay a monthly insurance premium of 25,000.

However, he told us that he had paid the company no less than seven insurance premiums of Rs. 25,000/- each, right until he was refused the compensation.

He said he was not a mere lumberjack but a timber merchant who earns around Rs. 250,000/- per month from this business.

Therefore, it isn't difficult for him to pay such an insurance premium, Mr. Indika says, adding that he would seek legal action against Softlogic Life.

Posts about insurance companies evading insurance payments have become a common sight on social media.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' also learns that there are also many cases where insurance companies are attempting to suppress those who are raising their voice against this, through defamation lawsuits.