Jan 11, 2021

SriLankan Cargo's underhand transactions (Exclusive) Featured

There are planned efforts to sabotage SriLankan Airlines' attempts to purchase two cargo craft, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

It is reported that a prominent company engaged in air freight services is behind this conspiracy, and also gets insider support from some employees at SriLankan cargo.

The conspiracy stems from the fact that this company is planning to import one A320 and two A330s at competitive prices in the future, targeting freight services.

SriLankan Airlines says that this company had previously gotten together with officials of SriLankan cargo to deviate freight contracts towards them on the sly.

Reports of pilots protesting, a lie

Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' inquired from several pilots on reports citing that pilots are opposed to the importing of cargo planes.

In response, they said the decision was a good one and should take measures to acquire them at proper prices.

However, they pointed out that SriLankan Airlines does not have the best history when it came to transactions related to aircraft procurement.

Former CEO Kapila Chandrasena and his wife Priyanka Neomali Wijenayake were charged in connection with the purchase of 10 Airbus aircraft for SriLankan Airlines for accepting a bribe of US $2 million and laundering it through a bank account in Australia.

Expo fishes the fish deal

Meanwhile, it is reported that Expo Aviation (Fits Air) has recently acquired the opportunity to transport 80 tons of fish per month to Japan. SriLankan Cargo was initially approached for the deal but had lost the opportunity to secure it after delayed action on their part.