Jan 12, 2021

Call to remove Maliban Lemon Puff from market shelves within 7 days! Featured

A collective named the 'The Sri Lanka Vinivida Peramuna' has formally complained to the Sri Lanka Standard Institute (SLSI) over misleading marketing slogans displayed on the packaging of 'Maliban Lemon Puff' biscuits.

They state that even though the Maliban Biscuit Company itself has accepted there is no natural lemon juice in the biscuits, the opposite is indicated in packaging,marketing materials and advertisements.

Further, the letter indicates that it is a punishable offence to misleading customers by portraying a marketed product, mentioning a quality that is not actually present.

'The Sri Lanka Vinivida Peramuna' pointed out through their letter that SLSI is lawfully bound to prevent such occasions.

Despite continuously assuring the SLSI that they would not commit this fault, Maliban Biscuits has continued to do otherwise, the letter adds.

if the stocks of Lemon Puff biscuits with misleading advertisement are not removed within 07 days, measures will be taken to obtain a Writ Order for the enforcement of the consumer rights, the letter further notes.

'The Sri Lanka Vinivida Peramuna also asks Maliban Biscuit Company to publish a public advertisement in every reputed electronic channel before next 18th to create public awareness on this regard.

CAA remains mum 

Meanwhile, the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) has remained silent although nearly two months have elapsed since a piece of gauze was found in a packet of Maliban Milk Shortcake. It is said that a proper investigation is yet to be done.

Media previously revealed that officials from Maliban Biscuit Manufactories (Pvt) Limited had initially tried to sweep the incident under a rug by trying to take the contaminated sample back with them while providing a biscuit parcel. Then they had attempted to close the matter by providing Rs. 15,000.

Maliban Biscuit Company was established in 1954 to manufacture biscuits.

In addition to biscuits, the company also produces tea, milk powder and nutritional supplements.

Ratnapala Samaraweera is the chairman of the company while Kumudika Fernando is the CEO and Tharangitha Samaraweera and Shanaka Wickramapala are the directors of the company.

CAA Chairman uncontactable

Upon attempting to contact the Chairman of the CAA - Retired Major General Shantha Dissanayake over the phone, we were told that he was currently engaged in some emergency work and will respond later.

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