Jan 22, 2021

'Lassana Flora' accused of making memorable moments miserable Featured

Leading florist - 'Lassana Flora' could face a potential lawsuit after a disappointed customer is planning to seek legal action over botching up an order at the last moment, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns.

The customer, who is currently in Angola, has ordered a hundred roses, cake, chocolates and another floral arrangement for his wife's birthday.

Speaking to 'Sri Lanka Mirror', the customer said that he had placed the order 04 days before the birthday which fell on Jan. 21 and his order was accepted.

However, around 8.30pm in SL time on Jan. 20, the florist's customer service manager had phoned the customer and said the entire order is being held due to non availability of roses.

In addition, the customer was sent an email on Jan. 21 saying that they could arrange a partial delivery with a complementary mixed lily bunch on Jan. 21 and send the roses once it is available the day after.  The apology note had also said they could also arrange a full refund and arrange a complementary flower bunch to the recipient with an apology note for the inconvenience caused.

Lassana Screenshot

The customer had said that responded whether the company expected him to postpone his wife's birthday after accepting the order. Also, he noted that he would not have approached a florist if flowers were not the priority and 'Lassana Flora' had turned his memorable moment into a thoroughly miserable one.

The customer had then approached another florist to secure his order.
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The order and payment made by the customer.