Feb 09, 2021

SriLankan flights could face landing ban in India? Featured

SriLankan Airlines is in a grave situation in terms of landing it's aircrafts in India after the Indian authorities have raised concerns over the national carrier's so-called move to deploy an unqualified pilot to train new pilots in navigating A330 airbuses, informed sources say.

It is learnt that Sri Lanka's Civil Aviation Authority has launched an investigation as to why SriLankan Airlines used an unqualified pilot instructor to train three pilots on three occasions.

Already, the SriLankan Airlines has suspended the pilot instructor and three other pilots who received training from him According to the civil aviation regulations, the captain of an airplane should take the left-side seat of the pilot cabin.

But during a training session, the captain or the instructor is allowed to take the right-side seat, provided that person has undergone a separate training to land a plane while sitting on the right-side seat.

But it has now surfaced that the SriLankan Airlines had used a pilot who has not been trained to land a flight while sitting on the right-side seat in order to train three other pilots . These three pilots currently fly A320 aircrafts and the training was aimed at promoting them to fly A330.

It requires a pilot to handle at least four flights before being elevated to fly A330 flights.

It has now been revealed that SriLankans have operated three flights _using this unqualified instructor _ to India and Maldives.

The risk of this so-called act is if something happens during the journey, the passengers, crew or the aircraft would not be entitled for any compensation.

When asked about this, veteran pilot Praveen Wettamuni who is in charge of preparing the pilots' roster at the SriLankan Airlines declined to comment.

Informed sources say SriLankan may face a possible ban on landing in India and Maldives for a stipulated time period.