Feb 24, 2021

Farmers urged to protect rubber trees as prices go up

As rubber prices have gone up to Rs. 650 per kilo after a span of 10 years, authorities have urged farmers to take care of their trees and not run them dry by over tapping.

Deputy Director of the Rubber Research Institute Dr Priyani Seneviratne reminds all rubber farmers of the consequences of excessive tapping which is not at all affordable under the poor current situation of rubber fields which have not been even fertilised properly and also with high percentage of dry trees already.

She further warns that the rubber fields which are under low frequency harvesting should never be tapped at a higher frequency than the recommended d3 or d4 methods as trees are applied with ethrel, yield stimulant.

She further highlights that the rubber price may go further up and therefore, the trees should be protected, she.

She requests the rubber farmers to be alert on a sudden increase of the crop, high water content in latex, longer dripping time than usual or any dry patches along the tapping cut which are pre-symptoms of panel dryness and to immediately contact the Rubber Research Institute or the Rubber Development Department for assistance.