Feb 27, 2021

28% tea production wasted in SL - State Minister Featured

More than one fourth of Sri Lanka's tea production is wasted, according to Plantation State Minister Kanaka Herath.

Post-harvest losses of tea have now gone up to nearly 28 per cent and nearly 25 per cent of the leaves are wasted during the transport, the minister added.

The waste occurs mostly during transporting of tea leaves to the tea factories and as well as at the packing, he said.

There are about 8000 lories engaged in transporting tea leaves to the factories in 13 districts where tea is grown.

In order to minimize the losses, Herath said he has instructed the officials to take immediate steps tourge the tea growrers and factories to use plastic crates for transporting tea leaves to the factories.

The Ministry plans to provide a 50 percent concession to purchase plastic crates. Besides, the ministry also plans to introduce a new type of strong crates too.