Mar 13, 2021

Gas firms bankrupt, crisis looms on gas supply Featured

Sri Lanka's government owned gas company and the private one are facing a severe financial crisis as the government has not taken steps to increase local gas prices despite the rising prices of gas at the international market.

As a result, the public are facing severe difficulties in obtaining gas cylinders for their daily consumption.

The gas prices recorded the highest ever gas prices early this month with a gas ton being priced at $ 604.

As a result, both gas companies are suffering a loss of Rs 750 per one cylinder and their monthly loss is estimated around Rs 1.6 billion.

Because of this, the two gas companies are facing financial difficulties and are not in a position to import the gas quantities required for the country.

If the government fails to take immediate steps to rectify the drastic situation, the country's gas supply would collapse.

Following is the letter sent by Laugfs Gas on March 10, requesting the Consumer Affairs Authority to increase the price of LP gas cylinders.

Gas Letter 002Gas Letter 002