Mar 23, 2021

Hello... HUTCH caught in copper & brass scam Featured

The CID has launched an investigation into a copper scam alleged to have been carried out by the Hutchison Telecommunication Lanka Pvt Ltd - HUTCH, reliable sources say.

The scam surfaced when police seized a stock of copper wires meant to be exported from a store belonging to HUTCH company in Enderamulla.

The company has initiated a move to export the copper stock despite a government ban on exporting copper and brass from Sri Lanka.

This detection has led to an investigation by the CID.It is alleged that the HUTCH company has carried out this malpractice with the help of BOI company since the BOI firms are allowed to take back scrap of the  materials used for their projects approved by the BOI. 

However, such companies must offer those scraps (especially copper and brass) materials first to a local buyer and unless there is such a buyer, the company is allowed to export them.Besides, in this instance, the company involved in recycling the electronic waste materials has tried to mislead the police officers by submitting a letter issued by the Central Environmental Authority.

Upon hearing the incident, CEA has suspended the license issues to the particular recycling company.The government's ban on exporting copper and brass is aimed at safeguarding the small scale entrepreneurs who produce various products _ mostly as home-based manufacturers _ targeting the local and foreign markets.

Our efforts to contact Supply Chain and Logistics Manager of HUTCH Damitha Porage to get a comment on this was not successful.Finally, we left a message with the telephone operators, requesting Mr. Porage to contact us to tell his side of the story, but so far, he did not contact us.