Apr 27, 2021

Litro assures availability of 12.5 Kg gas cylinder

Sri Lanka’s largest LP gas importer and supplier, Litro Gas Lanka announced a short while ago that a decision has been reached to ensure 12.5 Kg gas cylinders will be made available without a shortage.

The decision was reached at a meeting held earlier today with State Minister Co-operative Services, Marketing Development and Consumer Protection and Litro Gas Lanka.

“We assure our customers that our regular 12.5 Kg cylinder is available in the market without any shortage, at the same price,” the entity said via a press statement.

It added that in the event of any unavailability of the 12.5 Kg cylinders via agents, customers can meet their requirements by calling Litro Gas directly to its hotline, or through its home delivery add.

The Premium Hybrid 18 litre cylinder that was introduced earlier this month will be rolled out within a week, while keeping it at the introductory price, the company said.

The Hybrid cylinder was introduced to the market at a price of Rs. 1,395, which according to Litro gas has higher energy efficiency.

However, the product was met with resistance by consumers since even though the hybrid cylinder was priced Rs. 100 less than the 12.5 Kg regular cylinder (Rs. 1,493), the new product weighed 9.18 Kgs.

A complaint was filed by the Association of Self-Employed Individuals with the Criminal Investigations Department stating Rs. 406 is defrauded via the hybrid cylinder. 

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