May 04, 2021

Info. leaked from Sampath Bank led to Rs 43 m check fraud Featured

The CID Investigations have revealed the inside information leaked from the Sampath Bank has led to the Rs 43 million cheque fraud involving the bank account of the Melwa Steel company.

In this fraud, a businessman in the Hanwella area, using forged checks, has allegedly withdrawn Rs 43 million from the bank account operated by the Melwa Steel company at the Old Moors Street Branch of the Sampath Bank.

Investigations have revealed that a team leader of the Sampath Bank has leaked the information regarding the bank account to the businessman. 

It is said the Melwa group had opened this account at the Sampath Bank's branch at the Old Moor Street when this particular officer was serving there.

The businessman in the Hanwella area is said to be an expert in the field of computers and IT.

The bank officer and the businessman had developed a friendship at the time  the officer served at the bank's Hanwella branch.

It is alleged that five persons have been deployed to withdraw money from the Melwa Account and they have used forged ID cards.

They have also used mobile phones for which they had obtained sim cards, using a NIC dropped by someone.

CID Commercial Fraud Division OIC IP Rasanga Nilmini has led the team which uncovered this alleged scam.