May 17, 2021

Lab reports expose false claim on new Litro Gas product

Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. has promoted its new product — an 18-litre gas cylinder — with a false claim on the percentage of propane, lab reports show.

In a letter to the Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA), Litro Gas Lanka had said that its new cylinder contains between 40 and 50% of propane, compared to 20% in the regular 12.5-kilogram cylinder.

Bur lab reports obtained by the CAA, show that the old cylinder contains 41.94 percent of propane while the new cylinder only contains 40.93 percent.

Making false or misleading statements on a product is an offence under the Consumer Affairs Authority Act.

Previously, Litro Gas Lanka Ltd. had erased the weight in a 12.5-kilogram cylinder and sold the latest product with the reduced quantity of gas.

Section 10 (4) of the Consumer Affairs Authority Act states that any person who tampers with the label of a product shall be guilty of an offence.

However, legal action has not been taken against these violations.