May 24, 2021

A new kind CSR project by Dialog extorts money from villagers in Laggala Featured

The Dialog company is being accused of extorting money from the residents of a remote village after providing an antenna in order to resolve a signal issue in that area.
It is alleged that Dialog is charging an unreasonable amount of Rs 3000 per house in the Akarahaduwa village in the Matale-Laggala area, for providing an antenna.

The modus operandi behind the extortion racket carried out by the Dialog company had been to provide a free antenna to a Buddhist monk who has been conducting free classes for the students in the area and thereafter, charge money from the villages for other antennas.
The media previously reported that the monk has been conducting his classes through the zoom technology as schools are closed due to COVID-19. 
Since the Dialog signal in the area was very poor, the thera had climbed on to a roof of a toilet in order to conduct his classes. 
Having seen the media reports, a team of employees from the Dialog company had visited the village and provided a free antenna to the monk.
But the real drama unfolded after that.
The Dialog has launched a promotional campaign under which they have obtained Rs 3000 from every house to provide an antenna, promising to solve the signal issue of the innocent villages.
The National Movements for Consumer Rights' Protection condemned the conduct of the Dialog, accusing that "Dialog is fishing in troubled waters." 
"Instead of constructing new towers to improve signals in the area, the Dialog has resorted to rob money from poor villages who are living under extreme poverty," the movement said in a statement.
"It's a shame for a company like Dialog which spends so much money on advertising  to extort money from these villagers, by using a very sensitive issue at a very crucial time when the country is facing the impact of the COVID-19."
Many Dialog consumers have been complaining that the services offered by the Dialog have deteriorated over the last few months and that it's very difficult to get a telephone call without interruptions.
Consumers say these kinds of acts are a disgrace for a company like Dialog which boasts of launching many Corporate Social Responsibility projects.

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