Jun 08, 2021

Selendiva Leisure to be listed in June Featured

The Selendiva Investments is an ‘entirely’ state holding company, which will work as the investment arm of the Government of Sri Lanka, S. R. Attygalle, Sri Lanka’s Finance Secretary emphasized on Monday (Jun. 08).

Addressing the Sri Lanka Investment Forum 2021 held in Colombo on Monday (Jun. 08), the Finance Secretary further commented on the Selendiva Investments Limited that was set up recently, which has been followed by a broad discourse.

“As for the reform agenda let me speak about the much talked about Selendiva Investments. It is a fully Government-owned holding company. That will work as the investment arm of the Government. The company will take over underutilized under-performing assets; especially, prime real estate assets. Restructure them and raise capital,” S. R. Attygalle, the Secretary to the Ministry of Finance said.

The Finance Secretary further noted, “Selendiva’s formed an SPV, Selendiva Leisure to consolidate the Grand Hyatt, Grant Oriental, Hilton, and several other prime properties. The listing is due in the Colombo Stock Exchange (CSE) hopefully by the end of this month.”

Several valuable properties including the building that houses the Ministry of Foreign Affairs are also set to be given away for these investment projects in addition to these hotels.