Jun 20, 2021

Rice miller who got helicopter for son's wedding isn't me - Dudley Featured

A new airline called Ratna Aviation has recently launched an online campaign.
It is said that this airline is owned by a leading rice miller in Polonnaruwa who is said to be running a racket of mixing expired rice with new rice before re-releasing the stocks to the market.
It is reported that a Robinson helicopter has been purchased for the new aviation company. The Robinson helicopter range is priced from Rs. 120 million to Rs. 160 million.
This helicopter has been purchased from another private aviation company based at the Rathmalana airport and the undeclared owner is said to be a powerful politician in the government.
However, the rice miller had ensured that the helicopter was airborne under the new ownership, at his son's wedding.
Meanwhile, in a statement on social media, prominent rice miller - Dudley Sirisena had refuted rumours citing that the helicopter was owned by him.