Mar 21, 2017

Free conditioner with ReeBonn shampoo

ReeBonn Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd, one of the foremost herbal cosmetic companies operating in Sri Lanka is on a promotional campaign for the New Year. With every purchase of a specified ReeBonn Shampoo product, a Conditioner is offered free-of-charge. The offer is now valid in all outlets throughout the Island for a limited period.

ReeBonn Shampoo comes with four variants; Aloe Vera, Amla, Virgin Coconut Oil and Tea Tree. Purchase of 100ml or 200ml Shampoo under one of above variants entitles the customer for a free Conditioner from the same variant and the volume.

ReeBonn Hair Conditioner with enhanced vitality is enriched with a combination of vitamin E and other key conditioners. Consumer using ReeBonn Hair Conditioner will find their hair more glitzy and attractive. It is significant that Beauty Salons in the country have kept confidence in ReeBonn products.

ReeBonn shampoo now comes with an advanced formula which increases the silkiness to the hair.  Also herbal ingredients incorporated in the ReeBonn shampoo’s formula enhance glitter, nourishment, moisture and strength in hair and keep the scalp healthy. But many consumers in this country who use Shampoo make less emphasis on Conditioner that is complementary. As a result their hair is deprived of necessary glow, softness, moisture and nourishment. This special promotion is planned to highlight the necessity to use Shampoo with Conditioner. It will aware the public the real value of ReeBonn Shampoos and Conditioners.

Commissioned in 2005 ReeBonn Cosmetics (Pvt) Ltd manufactures a wide range of herbal cosmetics which are in heavy demand locally and internationally.  Among its herbal products are; Shampoo, Silicon Conditioner, Rinse off conditioner, Black henna, a range of Face wash, Fairness cream, Body soap and Hand wash.