Jul 24, 2021

Mendis Company has 15 owners plus 500 employees

The 15 subsidiary companies and 500 employees are the shareholders of the W.M. Mendis & Company, said Arjuna Alosius, the controversial business tycoon who also owns shares of this leading local distillery company.

Responding to a statement made by Nadeeka Karunaratna who has claimed the ownership of the Mendis Company, Alosius told the lankamirror.com that there are a lot of owners for the Mendis company and they include 15 subsidiary companies as well as the 500 employees.

Karunarathna has claimed that she has paid Rs 500 million as defaulted taxes and that she owns the Mendis company for a 10 years period.

However, she has admitted that Alosius still holds the permit to distill liquor .

Karunarathna has revealed that her company Jayasiri Holdings entered into an agreement with Alosius over the Mendis company, under which she would enjoy the ownership of the Mendis company for 10 years.

She said the agreement was signed when Alosiius was in the remand prison and even a prison jailor signed as a witness for the agreement which was signed in the presence of her husband Gamini Karunaratna and Perpetual Trust Director Jeffrey Alosius who is the father of Arjuna Aloysius.

Karunarathna has also requested the permit to distill liquor to be transferred to her.

It has been revealed that Jayasiri Holdings owns a large number of liquor shops and that they distribute Mendis Liquor from Panadura to Kataragama.

Recently, the Excise department gave permission to re-commission the Mendis company after some fines. The Mendis company had lost it's permit since 2018 due to non-payment of the taxes.

The Perpetual Trust Company owned by Arjun Alosiius had spent a sum of one billion rupees to acquire the Mendis Company.