Sep 21, 2021

SL to get $150 Mn monthly income when 45% of Aloe Vera project is completed

'Aura Lanka Herbals', the company behind the massive Aloe Vera project in Anuradhapura district, says that preliminary work to construct the laboratory required for their production is underway.

Accordingly, the company says work is already underway with their partner in Dubai - 'Green Magic', which is tasked with the building of the laboratory.

When contacted by 'Sri Lanka Mirror' to inquire about the current status of the project, chairman of Aura Lanka Herbals - Dr. Viranjith Thambugala said that he had flown to Dubai on Sep. 17 for discussions, which had become quite fruitful indeed.

Noting that he laboratory will be built in an environmentally friendly manner. Dr. Thambugala said that the necessary laboratory technology equipment will be brought down from S. Korea.

He also mentioned that the contract to build the laboratory with Greene Magic was signed 3 years ago but plans to complete the factory construction in 2017 had been delayed due to delays in securing government approvals.

He said the initial phase of the would cost US $ 300 million.

Noting that he would go to the US in the next two days after completing the initial payments required to start constructions,  Dr. Thambugala explained that the main clients purchasing the factory's products are in the US.

Production will begin in the next two years, he said, adding that the purpose of his visit to the US was to consolidate previous agreements with US pharmaceutical and other companies hoping to purchase Aloe Vera products.

He added that a revenue of $150 million per month will flow into Sri Lanka after just 45% of the project becomes completed.

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