Sep 22, 2021

UberEats & PickMe food reaping undue rewards (Pics) Featured

Reports state that the Consumer Affairs Authority is increasingly receiving complaints from consumers of fraudulent acts of both PickMe and UberEats - two popular food delivery services in Colombo, Kandy, Negombo and suburbs.

Most of the complaints are regarding the price of the food items on their apps being higher than the restaurant’s MRP. 

The surcharge is between 15% to 35%.

An investigation by 'Sri Lanka Mirror' revealed that since the CAA does not have a method to register these companies and thus, lack a legal provision to take action against them. 
However, South Asian countries such as Bangladesh have a more streamlined approach to such services.

Chairman of the CAA, Major General Shantha Dissanayake said that discussions are underway to find a solution to this issue.

A senior PickMe official said that the responsibility lies with the restaurant or hotel as they provide the MRPs for the items that are listed on the app.

He added that PickMe charges the restaurant or hotel 15% - 25% commission for providing their services.

Meanwhile, attempts to contact Bhavna Dadlani, Head of UberEats Sri Lanka, to inquire about this matter, failed.  

'Sri Lanka Mirror' then attempted to contact the UberEats coordinator, whose number was listed with the CAA, and that number has been disconnected.

UberEats is a Dutch company, headquartered in California, USA. 

It is reported that due attention is not paid to these matters by the Central Bank, even during the current dollar crisis in the country, because of political influence.

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