Oct 01, 2021

No dollars in banks ; milk powder at port to be re-exported! Featured

Milk powder importers say that they are hoping to re-export their milk powder stocks to Indonesia and Bangladesh as local banks have not issued dollars to release their stocks stuck at the port.

The importers' decision comes as the Central Bank of Sri Lanka yesterday (29) released $50 million to two state banks to release the containers containing essential food items stuck in the port.

However, during a discussion between the importers and the Minister of Ports yesterday afternoon, it was revealed that the issuance of dollars by private banks will be delayed.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' learns that private banks had issued dollars at a rate of 235 - 237 rupees yesterday as well.

Since the importers have been left with no solution so far, they have said they expect to re-export their stocks thus.

Lakshman Weerasuriya, a member of the Milk Powder Importers' Association, had told media that they were mulling over this decision as there was a risk of these milk powder stocks getting spoilt over time.

Due to the shortage of milk powder which has been going on for nearly 03 months, people have been seen in long queues to buy milk powder.