Oct 18, 2021

Ex-employee seeks Rs. 1 Bn compensation from milk powder company

A Sri Lankan employee who worked for a foreign milk powder company has filed a Letter of Demand, seeking compensation of Rs. 1 billion for her illegal and arbitrary termination of employment.

Attorney-At-Law Arulprasagam has sent the LoD on behalf of his client - Ms. S.K. Seneviratne, a resident of Pitakotte.

The LoD further states that she will seek legal action if she is not compensated within 14 days.

Ms. Seneviratne says that she has been working in the company for 08 years from 2011. Instead of commending her efforts and giving her the due promotions, false allegations have been raised against her in the final two years and she had gone to labour courts in this regard, she says. The LoD has been sent over non compliance of the agreement reached at the labour court.