Oct 19, 2021

Egg prices upped

Due to sharp increase in  poultry food and other materials that are used to increase egg production,  the selling price of an egg has been increased between Rs. 20 and Rs.21 in the market, All Island Poultry Association of Sri Lanka (AIPASL) President Sarath Rathnayake said.

He said most of the poultry farmers had to increase the price of an egg due to the increase in the prices of grains which are used to feed the hens.

The government used to import the required maize as animal feed. But owing to the present crisis, the government no longer imports them.

The All Island Egg Producers Association (AIEPA) today warned that the poultry industry would collapse due to the increase in the cost of materials for egg production.

Meanwhile, All Island Egg Producers Association (AIEPA) Treasurer Wijeya Alwis told the Daily Mirror that the local price of a kg of maize is sold at Rs.100 and one kg of soya beans is at Rs.170 in Colombo. With the current prices, it will cost about Rs.100-105 to manufacture one kg of animals feed.

"The cost of producing one egg costs approximately Rs. 17. An egg is being sold in the market at Rs.18. With one rupee profit, the poultry farmers are unable to manage their costs, " he said.

Therefore, the selling price of an egg would be increased in view of these.

"We are not asking anything from the government. Instead of that, we request them to exempt the import taxes on soya beans and maize to continue with their business, " he said.

The North Western Province accounts for 70% of total egg production in the country. If the production stops, it will affect the related industries too, he added.