Apr 04, 2017

'SL, ahead of US & Singapore' (Video)

Although the US and Singapore are ahead of us financially, Sri Lanka is ahead of them environmentally and culturally, says chairman of the Blue Mountain Group - Hiran Hettiarachchi.

"They might have more money. That is another story. But we are hundred times happier," he said.

Despite the common perception that Sri Lanka is a developing country, Dr. Hettiarachchi stated that it is a developed country. He noted that money, economy, technology and infrastructure are not the only factors determining whether a country is developed or not. Happiness is a major factor is well, he said.

He was speaking at the recent launch of the project - ‘Transforming Sri Lanka towards a Greener Tomorrow’.

Adding, he said that the company would initiate a reforestation programme in a 1,000-acre area and will take measures to recruit those living in the areas nearby as employees.

In addition, the company will appoint a new CEO, not in the sense of Chief Executive Officer but as the Chief Environmental Officer, who will head this environment-related RCSR project, Dr. Hettiarachchi added.

He further said that they would be happy if competing companies would join their concept. "It does not matter who does it. If this country is developed, that is our happiness," he said.

Watch Dr. Hettiarachchi's complete speech in Sinhala from below :