Dec 04, 2021

Composition of propane and butane was changed, according to a Litro Head

A senior spokesman for Litro Gas, who did not want to be named, told the media that the high pressure of the gas flowing from the gas cylinder to the gas stove was the main reason for the explosions in the gas pipes and stoves.

He added that this was due to changes in the composition of propane and butane in gas production despite expert advice.

Previously, gas flowed from a gas cylinder to a gas stove at a pressure of 65 pounds per inch.

But after changing the composition, the gas begins to flow from the gas cylinder to the stove at a pressure as high as 105 pounds per inch.

He stressed that the gas pipes and stoves explode due to their inability to withstand that high pressure.

However, he said that gas cylinders have not exploded at any point.