Dec 09, 2021

Allianz Insurance refutes claims raised by Vtech Motors! Featured

Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd. has refuted claims leveled against them by Vtec Motors Sri Lanka.

In a statement, the insurance company had responded to the the article published on 'Sri Lanka Mirror' earlier this week as 'Vtec exposes massive fraud at Allianz Insurance (video)'.

Abiding by our usual ethical practice of respecting the 'right to reply', we are publishing the complete statement issued by Allianz Insurance Lanka Ltd.
The statement is as follows :

Dear Valued Customers,

We, at Allianz Insurance, are aware of the spurious allegations, circulating by means of a video once again, on public and social media platforms, with regard to the honouring of certain claims and the settlement of certain disputes regarding those claims. At this time, we wish to once again expressly reject each and every allegation being made and reassure our customers that due diligence in these matters has been exercised at every point, and the matter of dispute resolution in this case has followed our standard procedures, in line with global standards. As an institution committed to ensuring the privacy of its customers and the fair and equal treatment of all, we are not at liberty to disclose any further information or make any further comment, at this time. However, as the world’s number one insurance brand, we can assure our customers of our trust and integrity in all matters.  Thus, while once again expressly and explicitly rejecting the contents of this video, we take this opportunity to reassure our customers of our best service and attention at all times.

Thank you.

Editor's note :

Upon receiving the Allianz Insurance statement, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' yet again contacted Mr. Oshan Diyagama, the owner of Vtec Motors Sri Lanka. Mr. Diyagama firmly maintained that none of the content in his video is false and that he possesses all evidence to prove his point.

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