Apr 07, 2017

Acrus Shipping begins business in Singapore

Acrus Shipping (Pvt) Limited has established their first regional office (hub) in Singapore recently, after over five years of operations in the island.

This marks one of the first such instances, where a Sri Lankan shipping firm has ventured into shipping business in Singapore’s commercial Port, Acrus Shipping Managing Director, Kanchana Silva said.

He has over 16 years experience in the field of shipping after serving in major shipping companies in Sri Lanka and in the Middle-East, Indian Subcontinent, Europe and Far –East.

With a limited domestic economy, it is crucial for companies to internationalise for access to broader global markets, resources and to scale up their businesses, he said adding that his company will venture into Dubai by August and establish representative offices in all key global Commercial Ports in the future.

With Singapore’s extensive trade links and unparalleled connectivity, companies in that country are well-positioned to capitalise on these growth drivers to expand their international footprint, he revealed.

Singapore, which ships to more than 600 ports in 120 countries, is an international maritime hub hosting 5,000+ shipping companies that add about 7 percent to GDP.

For those looking to start maritime or shipping business operations, Singapore’s global port has an excelled reputation, making it the preferred choice of many, Mr. Silva said.

Venturing abroad not only enables Acrus Shipping to overcome constraints of the domestic market, intense competition in the international arena also sharpens the company’s competitive edge, he pointed out.

Within a month of opening the new Acrus Shipping office in Singapore flying Sri Lankan Lion flag, the company has been able to secure business with the keen support of Singaporean workers serving for Acrus, he added.

Acrus Shipping office in Singapore provides shipping services including Port Agency Services (Vessel berthing/sailing arrangements plus cargo discharging/loading assistants),Ship Supplies, Sea Marshal Transit Services, Ship Chandelling, Bunkering, Dry Docking Assistance, Cargo clearing assistants and other services , he disclosed.

The company handles over 300 clients from Greece, Cyprus, Turkey, UK, Germany, Hong Kong, India, Estonia, Ukraine, UAE, Bangladesh, Singapore, Oman and Russia; he said adding that they hope to double this clientele through their Singapore office.

Mr.Silva noted that expanding beyond one’s home country can be a daunting venture, especially for smaller companies with limited resources and lack of market knowledge or business partners.