Dec 16, 2021

Tourism minister & entourage spent 120 Mn on overseas travel fairs (Exclusive)

Minister of Tourism Prasanna Ranatunga, Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Kimali Fernando and their entourage have spent Rs. 120,542,316.39 for five tourism travel fairs held in four countries this year.

The Tourism Minister had attended three out of the five travel fairs.

Despite visiting countries such as France and Russia, the minister had not even met his foreign counterparts, according to internal sources of the Tourism Ministry.

According to data from the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau, 104,989 tourists have visited Sri Lanka from January - November this year.

However, in 2020, 507,311 tourists had arrived in the country despite less than 100,000 (99,941) had arrived from March - November that year.

According to sources from the Ministry of Tourism, 40% of last year's tourists visiting the country were Indian nationals.

Most of them had come for quarantine purposes and thus no progress has been made compared to the staggering amount spent on tourism promotion for the last year.
Another 631 Mn. allocated for 2022

Meanwhile, the estimated cost of travel fairs is Rs. 631 million.

We hope to reveal more details in the future.


SLWOADoc1 670px 21 12 16The expenses incurred this year (2021) for the tourism fairs attended by the Tourism Minister, the Chairperson of the Sri Lanka Tourism Promotion Bureau Kimali Fernando and team.

SLWOADoc2 670px 21 12 16The estimated cost for next year (2022) to attend tourism fairs.