Dec 18, 2021

Imported cement not required! Featured

The Construction Association states that 9 million metric tons of cement is required domestically for next year.

The President of the Association Susantha Liyanarachchi said that this amount can be produced by three local companies for around Rs. 1,400 instead of importing cement.

However, he said the authorities should provide assistance for this purpose, otherwise they will have to buy cement from local intermediaries for a higher price.

Operation to detect those selling at higher prices

The Consumer Affairs Authority (CAA) said it has launched raids to detect traders selling cement at higher prices above the maximum retail prices set by cement companies.

A senior spokesman said legal action would be taken against them. At present the maximum retail price set by companies for a bag of cement is Rs. 1,275.

However, complaints have been received from consumers in various parts of the country that cement is being sold in excess of that price.