Dec 20, 2021

Arpico Insurance employee hospitalised after managers assault him for demanding pay Featured

Two managers at Arpico Insurance had assaulted an employee who had asked for his pay and the employee who had sustained injuries had been hospitalized, according to the United Human Rights Organization.

One employee from a group of around 20 who were employed on or around September 25, 2021 was assigned to work at a branch office in Kalutara. As he had not been paid for his month of work, he had gone to the Kalutara Wadduwa City Branch to ask for his pay upon prior notification on December 15th.

When he had gone to the office, the team manager and the branch manager had assaulted and physically abused the young employee at the branch.

The victim had lodged a complaint with the Kalutara North Police Station under CIB I - 01/112.

Complaint receipt

Note on treatment received at the Panadura Base Hospital

The Human Rights Organization has repeatedly tried to liaise with the organization's top management to discuss the issue, but all top officials of the company had evaded all approaches.

It is ironic that this company which makes money by providing insurance services to save the lives of customers, has not enough time to talk about the life safety of the employees who are recruited to find that money.

At the request of these two officers, the youth had paid Rs. 1000 to sit for the IBSL examination but he has not been given the opportunity to appear for the examination so far. Also one of the officers had personally obtained Rs. 3,000 personally for an insurance cover and had also ordered the said employee to report for work during the lock-down period promising him transport allowance. The company owes the employee Rs. 9,700 spent on transport during that period too, but none of these payments had been reimbursed despite them promising to do so.
Also, the sad fact is that this young man is not the only employee who has left the company due to non-payment.

However, the two managers were not called to the Kalutara North Police Station until the 16th evening to investigate the complaint that was lodged at around 3.45 pm on December 15 (despite the employee being hospitalized).