Dec 21, 2021

No warranty for Mahindra tractor imported by "DIMO”

It has been revealed that the Mahindra GX 3600S series tractors imported by DIMO – ( Diesel & Motor Engineering PLC) have been  imported without a Quality Report  from the Farm Mechanization Research Center (FMRC).

This was revealed when farmer H.M.A. Jayasinghe who had bought the tractor had inquired if it had the certification of the FMRC having had to repair the tractor he bought on several occasions after purchase.

Based on his inquiry, the FMRC  Engineer (Mechanization Research) B.M.W.L. Balasuriya had sent him a letter with these details.

The letter is shown below.

Farmers say that these types of tractors often have gear system faults, oil leaks and hydraulic system faults.

It is said that about 20 farmers are currently helpless due to the situation.

Meanwhile, Ranjith Vithanage, President of the National Movement for the Protection of Consumer Rights, Sanjaya Mahawatte, President of the ‘Magen Ratata’ Organization and Pradeep Sanjeewa Perera, a civil activist are scheduled to lodge a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Authority today (21).

When we inquired about this from the President of the Gamen Ratata Organization Sanjaya Mahawatte, he said that the farmers had parked several broken Mahindra GX 3600S tractors in front of DIMO headquarters to protest against the deception.

Currently, Ranjith Pandithage, a the recipient of the Distinguished and Outstanding Honorary Award from the Republic of Germany heads the DIMO Group.

Mahindra GX 3600S