Apr 10, 2017

BIA renovations come into question Featured

Renovations at the Bandaranaike international airport at Katunayake had not been done up to international standards, reports say.

The BIA is unlikely to receive the code F rating of the International Civil Aviation Organization for its runway as a result, as only its sides being widened during the renovations, according to the reports.

The renovated runway cannot be used by A380 aircraft, and its lighting system is also not up to standards.

The BIA was closed from 06 January to April 07 for the renovations, carried out after 30 years.

It had been categorized as code 4-E and could accommodate Boeing 777, Boeing 787 and A330 aircraft whose wings are in the 52 metres to 65 metres length range.

To receive code F, the runway should have been renovated to accommodate aircraft with wing lengths of between 65 metres and 80 metres, such as Boeing 747-8, Airbus A380 to A800.

The Civil Aviation Ministry had been saying the runway would be renovated to accommodate Airbus A380, just like at the Mattala airport.

Many factors are taken into consideration when giving the ratings, with the ICAO only having A to F code ratings, and there is no code in existence as described in recent promotions for BIA.