Jan 04, 2022

Complaints on Micro Cars, reach President & PM

Complaints of alleged financial frauds committed by leading car manufacturer - Micro Cars (Pvt.) Ltd. have reportedly reached the President and the Prime Minister, reports say.

The complaints cite that the company has defrauded customers by not delivering their orders on the due date despite obtaining large amounts of money from them.

It is said customers who had entered into agreements with the company have paid hundreds of thousands of rupees only to be kept waiting well after the product delivery deadlines have passed.

One such customer, named Shashika Gomes, has filed a complaint with the Consumer Affairs Authority (Complaint No - CAA/CCU/1482/2021/746) citing that the company has breached the agreement by failing to provide the vehicle she had made the advance payment for.

With indefinite restrictions on vehicle imports, vehicle prices have gone up drastically.

According to the 'Aruna' newspaper, consumers have informed that the relevant company is falsely stating that their company does not have such contracted vehicles at present.

'Sri Lanka Mirror' contacted Mr. Asela Lihinikaduwa - the President of the Motor Car Assemblers collective and Micro Cars Director, he said that he is currently in discussions with regard to the matter. He said that he would get back to us with a clarification. However, we are yet to receive a clarification despite the elapse of nearly a week.

During the days of the previous Rajapaksa regime, Euro Sports, a subsidiary of Micro Cars, was accused of importing three Lamborghini cars on a duty free basis.

The following is a related video report made back then by the Swarnavahini TV channel.