Jan 07, 2022

Wind & solar power plant to Adani? Featured

Minister of Finance Basil Rajapaksa is planning to hand over the Mannar wind and solar power plant to the Adani Company of India, said JVP Central Committee Member Dr. Nalinda Jayatissa.

He noted that although the relevant state ministry had taken steps to call for tender proposals for the power plant, Minister Basil Rajapaksa was going to hand it over to 'Adani Company'.

In particular, he points out that the government will have to give India whatever it asks for in order to get $ 500 million from India.

Dr. Jayatissa further stated that although the agreement regarding the Trincomalee oil tank farm was signed in 2003, the lease agreement that gives effect to it has been done stating that the Indian Oil Company has no legal right to use the tanks.

Renewable energy wind turbines generate electricity from turbines built on 90-meter-high towers. A windmill attached to it is about 62 meters long and 30 such poles have been installed in the wind garden.