Jan 09, 2022

150 bar permits last year ; 7% of liquor bottles substandard!

Commissioner General of Excise - M.J. Gunasiri says that about 07% of non-standard liquor bottles can be found in the market.

It is also reported that 150 liquor licenses were issued last year (2021).

The majority of these licenses have been issued for hotels and restaurants approved by the Tourist Board with the number at 81.

In addition, 69 licenses have been issued for supermarkets last year, Mr. Gunasiri adds.

Meanwhile, the Commissioner General of Excise said that the process of including stickers or digital markings on liquor bottles at liquor outlets will begin next week while applying stickers on alcohol bottles at the liquor factories have commenced.

Noting that all these measures are taken to ensure substandard liquor bottles do not enter the market, the Commissioner General of Excise says that there cannot be any liquor bottles in the local market, without stickers or digital markings after April 01.