Jan 11, 2022

Micro Car bosses summoned by CAA over fraud Featured

The heads of the Micro Car Company have been summoned to the Consumer Affairs Authority on February 2 following a complaint lodged by a customer alleging that the company had cheated him.

It is reported that the complaint has been lodged with the Consumer Affairs Authority by Shashika Dhaniya Gomez, a resident of 72/22, Nelum Mawatha, Thalagolla, Ragama.

She has lodged the complaint alleging that she had placed an order with micro car company for a car and had paid them an advance of around Rs. 1.5 million and had withheld the money for several months without getting her the car and had forced her to pay a higher price for another car or take her boney back without any interest.

Dr. Lawrence Perera is the Chairman of Micro Car Company.

Micro Cars and its chairman Dr. Lawrence Perera were also accused of importing three Lamborghini cars duty free by Euro Sports, a subsidiary of the company, during the Rajapaksa regime.

The complainant has also been informed to appear before the Consumer Affairs Authority on the 2nd.