Jan 19, 2022

Fuel stations could be mixing fuel - Gammanpila

Minister of Energy - Udaya Gammanpila has said that no substandard or Octane 91 fuel has been imported.

Speaking at today's (19) cabinet briefing, the minister said that they have only imported Octane 92 and Octane 95 and the quality of fuel imports is assured by sample testing done on 04 counts before it is issued from oil storage tanks.

Not even a thought

The minister says that no one has even considered changing the standard of fuel let alone proposing such a thing to the Cabinet.

He also said that no Trade Union of the Ceylon Petroleum Corporation (CPC) has raised such allegations.

Mixing at fuel stations?
However, the minister said that there is a possibility of substances such as Kerosene being mixed at fuel stations in order to secure profits.

"The only way we are able to know of such an incident is if a person who had experienced such a thing immediately informs the CPC or the Energy ministry. We are unable to take any action if they are only laid bare on social media," the minister said.

Minister Gammanpila further said that no one has yet made a single complaint to either the CPC or the minister with regard to substandard fuel.

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