Jan 22, 2022

Theshara's gas shipment disappears! Featured

Litro Chairman Theshara Jayasinghe recently informed the Sri Lanka Podujana Chairmen’s Forum that a gas shipment was imported from the global market as spot purchase last October, challenging the traditional method of import on long-term tenders through the global market followed by litro companies.

On October 19, Theshara Jayasinghe had informed the SLPP Chairmen Forum in a WhatsApp message that the Bank of Ceylon and the National Savings Bank had assisted in issuing Letters of Credit for the shipment and that he had been able to make a huge profit for Litro.

However, the other chairmen are questioning his actions as more gas explosions were reported less than a month prior to that.

They also stated that so far there is no news about this shipment reaching Sri Lanka.

The WhatsApp message sent by the Litro Chairman is shown below.