Jan 29, 2022

Massive fraud at Malabe ‘Punchi Car Niwasa’! (video) Featured

Sanjaya Mahawatte, Chairman of 'Magen Ratata' says that a large number of frauds are taking place in the car dealership called Punchi Car Niwasa in Malabe and one such fraud has been detected.

He told a media briefing in Colombo yesterday (27) that a man by the name of Chaminda Nishon had gone to the ‘Punchi Kar Niwasa’ and bought a vehicle. Its engine capacity was indicated as 990cc in the registration book, but when he had later put the car to a garage for repairs, it had been found that the engine capacity of this car is 660 cc.

When this matter was reported to the Punchi Car Nivasa, they had refused to take responsibility claiming that the car was sold by a person named Chandrasiri Magammana from Handapangoda, Horana.

Mahawatte said that the Punchi Car Nivasa should be held responsible for the transaction adding that there is suspicion whether this is a joint fraud.

The owner of the Punchi Car Nivasa in Malabe is a former journalist named Sarath Yapa Bandara.