Jan 30, 2022

Rice over-imported - Buddhi Marambe

Although it was predicted that 800,000 - 01 million MT of rice will need to be imported in 2022 due to the organic fertilizer policy, the government has exceeded the required import limit, says Prof. Buddhi Marambe of the Faculty of Agriculture, University of Peradeniya.

Already, 300,000 MT of rice has been imported from Myanmar and China has pledged 01 million MT of rice as a donation, he said.

In 2008, the local production of rice exceeded the local demand and even during the severe drought in 2016/17, only 750,000 MT of rice was imported, he pointed out.

Prof. Buddhi Marambe states that around 23-24 MT of rice is consumed by Sri Lanka annually and the annual per capita consumption of rice is 107 - 110 kg.

During 11 years of research (22 paddy planting seasons) done on organic and non organic rice harvests at the Rice Research and Development Institute in Bathalagoda, it has been proven that the organic harvest will decline from 21.5% - 31%.