Jan 30, 2022

Police summons Sanjaya after 'Punchi Car Niwasa' exposé (Video)

Sanjaya Mahawatte, the president of the 'Magen Ratata' organization, has been summoned to the Ingiriya Police station on February 02.
In a media briefing, Mr. Mahawatte had recently exposed a fraud that had taken  place at the famed automobile sale - 'Punchi Car Niwasa' located in Malabe.
Mr. Mahawatta had stated that engine capacity noted in a vehicle's registration  book did not actually exist in the engine.
Mr. Mahawatta had been summoned after one Mr. Chandrasiri Magammana of Handapangoda, (who is alleged of committing this fraud) had lodged a complaint with the Ingiriya police.
The complaint form issued by the Ingiriya Police to Mr. Mahawatte is shown below.
WhatsApp Image 2022 01 30 at 5.23.36 PM
Meanwhile, 'Sri Lanka Mirror' has received a video where a vehicle purchased via 'Punchi Car Niwasa' had a different engine capacity to than what is mentioned in the registration book. According to the video the book mentions the vehicle's engine capacity is 990 CC but when it was put into a garage for repairs, the motor mechanics had discovered the engine capacity was actually 660 CC.
A copy of the relevant vehicle registration book and the video are also shown below. 
WhatsApp Image 2022 01 30 at 5.23.29 PM